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We can unlock the potential of a space, a situation, and a person

Creative Project Development

How the events related to the current project unfold,  is related to the intention.

It is meaningful when it is carried out and  developed by several persons.

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How can you profit profit from us ?

Have you been carrying an idea for a long time and don't know how to start?

We can create a concept, determine the probability of success and develop procedures and a schedule for the implementation  of your  idea.

Have you started the implementation and feel that something is still missing?

We know how to create more value, creatively develop and elevate a project.

Do you know what you want and how to do it, but you feel that you need to add a special quality to it  just for  "human beings " and you don't know how?


We can define the levels of ideological intention, transform them into the image of the human psyche and finally harmonize them. Then people involved in the project feel safe, work reliably and the project generates new energy.

Do you have a plot of land and want to build there something extraordinary?

We can define which project will be the best in a given location, determine the best time and way for it's  implementation.

Do you live in a new and cosy home, but some family members have the tendency to run away from it?

We will examine the rooms of the house and the garden too.  We will also look at the development of energies over a long time period and we will recommend small adjustments to the interior, with great efficiency.

Do you work in a high-tech building, but you don't feel good there, your attention and performance decrease?

We will measure the amount of vital energy, examine the plot, check the sources of pathogenicity and propose solutions to harmonize the building.


years of experience in interior design


years of experience in harmonization according to the principles of Feng-shui


years of experience in the field of building biology

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Apartment in a good neighborhood

The home of a caring mother and a successful lawyer who cares about
her son’s health and the well-being of their two-member family.

We supported the energy of the element fire and the romantic soul of the
mother with the pink marble tiling in the kitchen. The climbing wall in the
children’s room was a birthday surprise.

Scope of work:

Construction-biological supervision in the process of rebuilding

Space harmonization and interior styling.


Roman Bartek, building modifications

Family residence with an impressive view

The center of the house is formed by a spectacular  circular staircase, which is illuminated from above by natural light. There the energy of the earth and the heaven can unite.

Sensitive perception of the owners, responsible approach to construction and noble materials helped to create an original home, filled with beauty.

Scope of work:

Building harmonization and interior styling according to Feng-shui.


Atelier D and PA, arch. Prof. Arch. Pásztor, arch. Chopper

Interior design: Ivanka LaPar

Garden with cosmogram

The investor is an admirer of nature and personally selected  trees 20-30 years old in Germany. They were transported by trucks, one piece after another. I waited for each of them to be replanted. This process lasted from November to spring of the following year.

Geomantic study of the Kačín, Forest park Bratislava

The place opens with an entrance gate made of a split stone solitaire. The yin and yang stone spiral balances the energy defined by the logo information stone. The energy is channeled through two circular gates.


Mestské lesy Bratislava


Ateliér VAN JARiNA 

Apollo l

The investor’s assignment was clearly defined: a harmonious environment for employees, good relations with clients and quantifiable success.

The basis of the shape rendering of furnishing objects is the circle. This relieves the pressure of the sharp corners of the building and centers the energy in the space. The meeting room with glass walls is supplemented with natural elements that help maintain energy, otherwise people lose concentration in it. The combination of dark wood and red color in the refreshment point dynamizes energy. The locations for the company’s management offices were carefully selected, analyzed in detail and set according to the needs of personalities.


HB Reavis a.s.

Scope of work:

Construction-biological supervision in the construction process.

Harmonizing the space and setting it up for success.


Interior design: arch. Luděk Ryzner, OK Plan Architects

Hotel Metropol

Two years of cooperation with great people, with the aim of revitalizing the building, raising the quality of hotel management and setting the corporate culture.

We involved the local community in the process, published newspapers, organized concerts and balls. The owners of the hotel established a tradition of supporting the local children’s home.The reconstruction of the rooms and operating areas took place in stages.

We completed the construction of a children’s corner, a study room, and strengthened the heart of the hotel by placing original works. The hotel category was increased from three to four stars.

Scope of work:

Revitalization and harmonization of space

Corporate culture mentoring.


Interior design: Ivanka Lapar, arch. Lukáš Sečka,







We are aware of the natural rhythm of life and perceive the spirit as the essence of reality.

We are conscious about processes and the control of  thoughts.  Finally this leads  to  the positive transformation of ourselves and the planet.

We feel holistically, we work ecologically.

By sharing  experiences and connecting people,  we create

a new reality.

We respect our clients and cultivate long-term relationships with them.

We love nature and the planet, we protect life in all its forms.


Eva Schneider /Krčmáriková/ Ing.

Education: University of Economy, Faculty of Trade, 1980-1984,

Studio founder and mentor.

Publication: KITCHEN, Jaga, 1997

Sara Krčmáriková

Education: University of FIne Arts, Faculty of Architecture.

In the ARCHEA studio she is responsible for planning and the interior design.

Daša Krčmáriková  

Education: Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica, Faculty of FIne Arts, 1999-2023.

Exhibitions: International Biennale Art Award of Asolo, Italy, 2014,

In the Atelier, she is responsible for the selection of  artworks and walls decoration.


Revitalization of the company’s organism

Office premises

Sales and operating premises

Harmonization of apartments and houses

Geomantic gardens

Landscape revitalization

Historical objects

Mentoring in furnishing the space



We have harmonized sales and office spaces so that clients‘ companies develop and thrive and the profits grow. We participated in the processes of creating a long-term strategy for the feasibility of projects.

At the present time the client’s desire is primarily to feel good. According to the principles of the „art of living“, we involve them in the process of the harmonization and accompany them through revitalizing their home. This is how to learn to create a space that is good for them and improve their well-being.

We also apply a holistic approach in companies where employees are directly involved in the process of changing  the interior and improve the atmosphere in the company. In the process of creation, they are able to perceive its pulse and connect themselves with the soul of the company.


Eva Schneider /Krčmáriková/ Ing.

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